Tier 2 became live on the 27 November 2008 

If you are a skilled worker and have a job offer from a licensed sponsor, you must apply under tier 2 of the points-based system. You must have a valid certificate of sponsorship from your employer.

There are four categories of Tier 2:

* Skilled workers (General);
* Intra-company transfers;
* Ministers of religion;
* Sportsperson.

For a skilled worker, you must have :

1. A Sponsor & a valid Certificate of Sponsorship

2. You are awarded points based on your:

a. Qualifications;
b. Future expected earnings;
c. Sponsorship;
d. English language skills; and
e. Available maintenance (funds).

Process time: Premium same day service is available, it takes more than three months to process the application made by post.